Friday, July 7, 2017

Kayak Launch and In Sync

My baby brother has a kayak launch at the end of his dock.

What never seen one? 

Dock two

They are way cool. There it is off to the right side of the photo.  It is an easy way to launch a kayak.  No one needs to hold the kayak while another person gets in…

Kayak Launch

Jen and Andy took the large kayak out on the water.  Before they left I asked if I should hold anyones glasses??  Jen is nortorious for losing glasses in the lake.

Not so much in sync

Not so much in sync with each other.  Someone used their outside voice to communicate.


They go better

They got much better.  The launch was a really nice place to get out of the kayak too.

It was a nice evening out on the water, most of the 4th of July celebrants have gone back to work, either that or they ran out of fireworks, last night was reasonably calm.

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  1. What a great idea - I've never even heard of one before. Have a great weekend.

  2. And she didn't even lose her glasses! Nice little contraption, that launch pad. :-)

  3. I've never kayaked so didn't know it was tricky.

  4. Great idea. We used to have a canoe. Lee and the boys used it more than their mama did!

  5. Wow! That is really a nifty launch and debarking contraption!! Perfect! :)

  6. I have never seen a kayak launch like that, or a dock like your brother's. I could use one like that to get in and out of a kayak. I'm not very graceful.

  7. Interesting! Okay, just took another look, and it seems like you put the paddles in those slots and pull yourself forward, and them move the paddle to the next slot and repeat? Great idea. So now I will have to see what they say about the difference between a kayak and a canoe, since that kayak is open on top, and I always think of kayaks as enclosed.

    1. Yes you use the slots for leverage going in and out of the launch :)

  8. You sit higher in an open kayak. This one is similar to a canoe. There are two people kayaks and one person kayaks. Since we don't have rapids here the open ones are usually only the ones sold in this area.

  9. A kayak launch seems like a very good idea. I didn't know there were open kayaks. Only ever seen the closed in ones.

  10. Interesting dock. Looks like snap together construction. Looks like it all works well.

  11. That would be a neat way to explore the lake, water lilies and all.


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