Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Flashback to 1982

I am still in the process of sorting and organizing.  I should be ashamed of myself for tucking so many things away in different places.  I will blame it on the three moves between 1995 and 1998 and putting “stuff” into storage several times.

Yesterday I found a piece of heavy cardboard in a drawer, tucked inside were many old 8 x 10 photos. Now they are on my desk to be scanned. They will make good blast from the past blog fodder.
Late Summer 1982
We gathered at the top of the hill overlooking Straight Lake at my parents resort (Bass Bay).   Mom had hired the cranky old photographer from town.  He really didn’t take his time to get good photos.

The year was 1982.  At this time my parents had six grandchildren. My Mom is holding Katie (6 months old) and Dad is holding Benjamin (2 months old).  Jennifer (age 7) is sitting uncomfortably on the edge of the two lawn chairs.  Trica has her eyes closed (age 10).  Our dog Snuffer is running around someplace…irritating the photographer.

Back row: Julie (my sister), me, Far Guy, Jody (my other baby brother) She who sees Robin’s first with Josh (age 2), Beth and Carey(my baby brother) holding Kirk (not quite 2).
This summer will mark 35 years since this photo was taken.  It seems impossible…but the calendar doesn’t lie.
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Monday, January 16, 2017


Change is sometimes difficult and hard to watch.

We pass by Far Guy’s  parents old home on the way into town.  There is no avoiding it.  Far Guy came home there in 1950 fresh out of the hospital. His parents lived there until 1994 when they moved into an apartment building so they could avoid snow removal and lawn mowing.

I am not sure exactly when they purchased this home…sometime 1947-1949 it was brand new.

Home 1955 with the Hudson

1955  (the car was a Hudson Hornet from the early 1950’s)

Last summer the house was sold and has been in the process of a renovation.  First they dug under the house and put as far as we could tell three new basement walls.  They tore off siding, shingles and replaced windows. 

August House in PR

August 2016

516 west 1st street

Yesterday we drove by and stopped for a photo, it looks like they will add a back porch.

Front View

Next door is a caseys

The old neighborhood is gone, next door is a Casey’s. Taskey’s old place with the teeny tiny  cabins, Larson’s place with a garage out back and Eddie Andrew’s place with the back porch covered with vines...all gone.  The house that used to be Brills is still there on the other end of the block.

Nearly everytime we go to town we notice the old water tower is missing from the skyline.  We also watch what is happening at the old house.  Most of the Summer and Fall it was an eyesore…finally it is looking better.

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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Stones and Roads

The Grandgirls gave us some garden stones for Christmas.  They made one for Chance too.

Garden stones from the girls

I talked with Savannah and decided that they should be sealed.  So that was one of the projects for yesterday.

Now they are all ready to put out in the spring.   Spring…seems so far off.

Roads still not great

Some of the roads are still not great.  We ventured out to go to the dump and to recycle.

Snow drifts

In some areas the snow banks are quite high.  This is the most snow we have seen in a few years. 

We will warm up this next week and it may rain again.  Crazy stupid weather anyway.

We snowblowed…with the ice under a layer of snow that stupid ass machine wants to dig down and spin it’s tires.  We got the worst of the snow moved…Chance has a spot over toward the edge of the woods to poop and the bulk of the snow was removed from the patio.

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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Another Package

This one cannot be opened but is anticipated.  We know what the gift is but we don’t know exactly when it will arrive.  Some time in the spring and before summer…possibly in May.

Great Garnd baby boy

It’s a boy!!

I took a photo of the photo that appeared on Facebook. 

Grandma Trica called us to tell us the news and we were sworn to secrecy until Maddie could get the photo up on Facebook.  Everything looks fine with the baby.

That is what we want a healthy Great Grand!  I knew the name they had picked for a girl (Klair/Klare), but I am not sure they had discussed a name for a little boy.

Now we can shop for boy stuff.

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Friday, January 13, 2017


My husband got a package in the mail from an old friend. 

Gene and his new toy

He was trying to attack me and my camera.  Can you tell he thinks it is great fun to stalk me?

It is a flying thing/Gyrocopter and kept him occupied for quite some time.

Flying gyrocopter

Flying in the kitchen

It is hard to photograph in flight, it will give me practice on moving objects!

Chance retreated to the bathroom to den up.  It is his safe place.

It was cold…it is still cold.   The wind is just raw.  No matter the weather Chance still needs to be walked. He loves to eat snow and can spend part of his potty time crunching down snow and sniffing the air.  Not wonderful activities for the person walking the dog.

Not sure what I did yesterday some sorting…some laundry…some straightening up…and the day was gone just like that.

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