Sunday, December 4, 2016

Paige: Winter Formal 2016

We went up North to take photos of Paige, she is a Senior this year and this is her last Winter Formal.  She asked a boy who is just a friend to go with her.  The girls ask the boys to Winter Formal.

Paige was tired.  She had two Hockey Games last week. When we got to the house she was asleep, but quickly got up and dressed for photos.

Paige Winter Formal


Her two piece gown was covered in sequins.

Paiges two piece dress

After home photos we went where her group was gathering.

Paiges Friends

Paige and her friends.

Girls and garters

Girls and garters

Group photo

Group photo

Paige and her date

Paige and her date


I hope she had a good time. After the dance they will go back to a friends home for a safe chaperoned remainder of the night.

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Saturday, December 3, 2016


We left our driveway and saw something running.  It looked strange.  I am always on the lookout for stray dogs.  (A couple of weeks ago we returned Daisy to her owners…with a reminder to all the small children that their dog needed more attention! Daisy was walking down the center of the highway and was more than happy to go for a ride with us. ) Anyways this “something” looked like a dog…it ran like a dog.

My camera was in the case, and I had to change lenses and I had my gloves on and I knew my battery was low…how low was it?  I started snapping photos through the windshield.

Chance is watching.  Earlier in the morning when I walked him for his morning duty he pranced around like a pup and was very interested in something on the back road.  I thought it was strange… we came back to the house and got in the car and left.

Wolf in the field

As you can see it was NOT a dog.


He almost posed for a photo.  He meandered along.

Eagle and Wolf

The Timber Wolf gave the Bald Eagle a wide berth and took off toward the woods.  The Bald Eagle had been feasting on a road killed deer, he got up and flew away but landed close enough for a photo.  

So that was our adventure on Friday. As you can see we still have some snow, a few days ago this field was bare….it has rained/snowed since then.

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Friday, December 2, 2016

The 2016 Christmas Ornament

Will be revealed soon.   How about a give away?  To be entered into the drawing leave me a comment with the completion of this sentence.  My favorite Christmas was________ .
What is the ornament?  It is a woodcarving, it is carved from basswood and if you ask me it is a beauty.

My favorite Christmas was in 1998.  We spent that winter in Florida at Tyndall AFB.  We were living in the camper at that time. Our girls were married and had their own Christmas Traditions to begin with their families (Trica was pregnant with Paige, and Jennifer was pregnant with Noah.) Christmas Eve we went to the small church on the Base.  The next day  Far Guy and I slept late, walked the dogs…we had two dogs back then Shelties named Captain and G’Day Mate.  We left the dogs while we went to the Officer’s Club on Base for Christmas Dinner…a buffet.  We came home and sat out on the picnic table in the sunshine, late in the day we went for a long walk again with the dogs.  That year we sent Christmas Cards but we didn’t decorate or bake anything…we didn’t have to be anywhere at a certain time…there were no expectations to be met.  We called our daughters and my parents and Far Guy’s Mom sometime during the day.  That Christmas was relaxing…no rushing around with your head cut off like a chicken…flopping all over, going here there and everywhere.

It may sound like a terribly selfish kinda Christmas but it remains my favorite. The warm weather and the sunshine might have had a lot to do with it!   Far Guy on the other hand, hated Florida and the people there and he was very lonely that Christmas Day. If that was my favorite Christmas it was his second least favorite. His first least favorite is the year we spent in the ER when he was diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia.

Far Guy says “ My favorite Christmas was in 2012 and 2013 when all the grands were here.”

So there you go…in order to be entered in the drawing…Your Favorite Christmas was ____!

I will draw names…at least two on Monday night at 9PM Central Time.  The winners will be revealed on Tuesday December 6th. 
Shiny Brite Ornaments on last years upstairs tree.
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Thursday, December 1, 2016

A Mission

As you all probably know I am a volunteer at Find A Grave.  We spent a number of days walking local cemeteries.  We still have one to walk if the weather permits. 

St Marys Jesus on the Cross

Tuesday was the day I chose to walk this Catholic Cemetery.  I have two aunts, two uncles and two cousins buried there.  Far Guy went along, Chance watched from the car.  I gave Far Guy a camera so if he found a grave that I needed a photo of he could do it.  We had 35 graves to find and found 24 of them…so it was a successful afternoon in the rain/snow.

The grounds of this little cemetery will put many other larger cemeteries to shame. 

St Marys Cemetery

It is well kept.  See the Christmas tree?

St Marys fixing graves

They added some black dirt to low areas this Fall and probably seeded with grass too so in the spring the grass will grow.  The middle patches of black dirt are right in front of my Uncle George and Aunt Grace’s headstone.  It was thoughts of my Aunt Gracie that made this a mission to complete before winter….she died last May and I wondered if the engraved dates were in place.  They were.

George and Grace Yliniemi

I found a classmate’s grave and headstone, and my cousin Lyle has a brand new beautiful headstone.  I photographed both.  It was a lousy day for photos but they are what they are and are better than nothing. I can always replace them with better photos in the Summer.

Now I have the photos to enter at Find A Grave….I have started a list of obituaries to transcribe…but that is a winter after Christmas project.   I have asked a number of people for photos and or obituaries.  Some obits will have to be researched and found in newspapers.

So now we say goodbye to November and hello to December.  The days are so dark and dreary that I am tempted to just wish the month away. It has been raining and or snowing for days.

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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Midway Memories: Hank

Henry or Hank.  Last name Johnson.  Over six feet tall, stocky build he was a big man with grey hair, sparkly blue green eyes, tan always tan complexion…he looked like he lived in Florida all the time.  I am certain he was quite handsome in earlier years.  Hank had teeth but he didn’t like them, they hurt his mouth so he didn’t wear them and would give you a gummy grin just to show off.  He had a raspy voice that was very distinctive.

Hank was friendly, he could talk to anyone. I met Hank in 1968 and the last time I saw him was about 1978.

I think Hank started out on the Scrambler but then the Boss moved him to the Octopus.

Octopus wheel and Mery Go Round Unknown year in 1950s

Hank was out on the road all summer and he worked for the Salvation Army in The Cities in the winter.  He must have had a room someplace there.

What we don’t know…for sure.  Was he born in 1922?  Did he die in 1983 and is he buried at Fort Snelling National Cemetery?  We think he had a wife at one time, he was most likely divorced…we think he had a daughter. He was the right age to have been in WWII, but like so many that returned he didn’t talk of it.

Somewhere in Nebraska Hank found himself in the company of a very lonely elderly woman.  They wound up going to the city park.  One thing led to another. Things got a little amorous.  They were BOTH arrested.  He spent one night in jail and was out the next morning.  Hank being the friendly character he was…won the Cops over. The Cops came to visit him at the fairgrounds to give him a bad time about his tryst in the park.  The next year when we got into the Fairgrounds, Hank was taking a nap in the cab of his truck…the Cop pulled up.  The Cop asked Far Guy “Is Hank with you this year?”  Hank shouted from the truck cab “Tell him he can kiss my bare butt!”

We invited Hank to Far Guy’s going away party…the party we had late in December in 1972 before Far Guy went into the Air Force.  Hank came up from The Cities on the bus.  We had a winter storm and roads were impassable.  Hank had to bunk in with Far Guy’s parents for one night.  Boy was Far Guy’s Mom mad…but she said “He was nice and clean, talked civil and even wore a white shirt.” Hank was a hit at the party, perhaps even the life of the party.

Music was just becoming a big thing out on the Midway and the Trabant had a tape that played over and over.   Joy to the World (CCR)….was NOT Hanks’s favorite. We would sing… Jeremiah was a bullfrog was a good friend of mine… just to irritate Hank.  If you picked that song from a Jukebox he would mumble to himself shake his head and go outside.

Sometimes I wish I could go back and ask the right or more questions, but that wasn’t the way things were out on the road.  You never pryed in other peoples business or asked too many questions.  Some people talked more than others and some people remain a bit of a mystery.

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